The Red House Press Release


The following Press release was sent to the Luton News 9th April

Press Release                                        For Immediate Release                          9th April 2024

Houghton Regis Heritage Society and local Town and Central Bedfordshire Councillors

meet to discuss the future of the Red House.

The Red House is the oldest brick building in Houghton Regis, dating back from the 17th century.”, says David Hill, Chairman of the Houghton Regis Heritage Society, “It is a valuable Heritage Asset for the Town and should be used for Community activities.”

The Red House has been renovated to a high standard by current owners, Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC), but has been empty for several years. It is sited on the Green in Houghton Regis, adjacent to the new All Saints View development.

The Houghton Regis Heritage Society arranged a meeting on 4th April with the Town Mayor, Cllr J Carroll and Town and CBC Councillors to view the refurbished Red House and to discuss future, possible uses.

David Hill said, “The Society has suggested various uses to CBC such as using one room for a Tourist Information Office, another room for Heritage displays and for local artists to display their work. In addition, another room could be used as Victorian Classroom to show school children how pupils were taught in the past. There could be a Heritage Garden in the outside space.

Most importantly there should be Community use of the Red House.”

There was general agreement that something needs to be done quickly to ensure that the Red House is used for the benefit of the Community. The Houghton Regis Society will meet with Councillors again to draw up proposals to submit to CBC