Bedfordshire Archives Newsletter Summer 2020

The Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service has published its Summer 2020 Newsletter:

ARCHIVES UPDATE:    The Archives Service is re-opening for searchroom visits by the public in September however, it is not ‘business as usual’ and won’t be for some time. Below County Archivist, Pamela Birch, explains some of the challenges we’ve faced and how the service will operate for the time being.

LAND AHOY!   Archives can be important for all sorts of research but a recent piece of work for Bedford Borough Council’s legal team helped establish title to a piece of land it wanted to register .

HERITAGE OPEN DAYS 2020    Unfortunately we cannot invite you to any physical events this year but we will be launching two online activities on 11th September to open up the archives whatever the weather. The theme of this year’s HOD is Hidden Nature so our two activities reflect this.

COMING SOON   With some new technology at our fingertips and a new insight into what it is like to be working remotely from the documents we love, this autumn we invite you to join us in our:

  • relaunch of our Community Archives webpages.
  • Webinars on how to use our online catalogue

 Click here to read the Newsletter        Bedfordshire Archive Newsletter Summer 2020

For more information about the Archive and for opening times, go to their website: Bedfordshire Archive Services

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