The Times of My Life by Evelyn Woollison

Evelyn Woolison 4

The Times of My Life is a compelling story of the life of Evelyn Woolison, born in 1911 in
Chester le Street, County Durham. It charts the early, difficult, but happy years of her
life and her family

It shows how forward thinking she was when at her 18th Birthday she says,".. What is
going to happen in the future?" There was no future in County Durham, I did not get a
shilling extra and the young people were leaving the North in droves, there was so much
work in the south"

She moved to Oxfordshire and then to Banbury and from there to Houghton Hall to work
for Colonel Part. She recalls the vast grounds and kitchen garden. A vivid recollection
was the Hunt, of which Colonel part was the Master.

All-in-all an excellent read giving a very good flavour of the times and places
in which she lived.

Copies of this book are available to download. Contact David Hill
on 07956 546970.